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The Eleusinian and Bacchic Mysteries, by Thomas Taylor, [1891], at

p. 238

Hercules Drunk.
Hercules Drunk.


I shall utter to whom it is lawful; but let the doors be closed,
Nevertheless, against all the profane. But do thou hear,
Oh Musæus, for I will declare what is true. . . .

He is the One, self-proceeding; and from him all things proceed,
And in them he himself exerts his activity; no mortal
Beholds Him, but he beholds all.

There is one royal body in which all things are enwombed,
Fire and Water, Earth, Æther, Night and Day,
And Counsel [Metis], the first producer, and delightful Love,—
For all these are contained in the great body of Zeus.

Zeus, the mighty thunderer, is first; Zeus is last;
Zeus is the head, Zeus the middle of all things;
From Zeus were all things produced. He is male, he is female;
Zeus is the depth of the earth, the height of the starry heavens;

p. 239

He is the breath of all things, the force of untamed fire;
The bottom of the sea; Sun, Moon, and Stars;
Origin of all; King of all; One Power, one God, one Great Ruler.

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